#Styleinspiration: Honey – Kehlani

Written by Jeanette Chiu

Kehlani- Honey.jpg

Looking for a track to slowly wake you up in the morning? The naked acoustic sound from Kehlani’s single, “Honey”, released early this fall is sure to crush your early symptoms of winter blues. The song is just as sweet as its title, with its metaphors,
“I like my girls just like I like my honey; sweet
A little selfish
I like my girls just like I like my money; green
A little jealous”
shows Kehlani’s free-spirit and her honest dialogue. After all, she did win the Rule Breaker award for Billboard’s Women in Music.
Segue into our #Styleinspiration from listening to Kehlani’s “Honey”, this look takes notes of those characteristics. Our first item is a warm golden yellow choker pulloverfromStoret and its laced detail and semi-bell sleeves continue the new romantic trend. Fuzzy like a bee, this pullover is a comfy and modern take and gives a nice pop of color. Also from Storet, the sparkly floral embellished mini skirt paired with the pullover works perfectly for the upcoming holiday festivities. Wear your hair up in a single braided ponytail highlighting at least two colors, reminiscent of a bee’s black and yellow colors. This will be a great way to show off those highlights in your hair, but don’t fret if you don’t! You can add a colored ribbon of your choice and braid it in with your hair. As for shoes, go for a neutral pair like these criss-cross block heels from Chinese Laundry, that way it won’t clash with your pullover and skirt. Of course, we had to include some honeycomb references in this outfit; check out these cute hexagon earringsfrom Target. And as an added bonus, their minimal look makes it easy to pair with anything. Lastly before you head out, spray a hit or two of Marc Jacob’s Honey perfume. Top notes of pear, mandarin orange, honeysuckle and base note of (of course) honey, create a refreshing finish to this look.

View “Honey – Kehlani” here.