Lion King Trends Everyone Needs Now

Release your inner wild cat, and make sure you have these trends in your closet.  Disney is creating new versions of their classic Disney characters, and the latest to hit theaters is The Lion King.  While revisiting our childhood film favorite in new photo-realism is exciting, let’s get more excited to see the Lion King-inspired trends. Take a look at some of the best looks taken from the screen and bringing it to your wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.57.52 PM

Leopard print has been a strong look for a couple seasons, and with wild cats on our minds, the print will stay for another couple seasons at least. Wearing animal print (faux obviously) brings out an inner power.  It doesn’t matter if you were feeling confident or not before but wearing some ferocious patterns will automatically have you channeling your inner king or queen.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.58.29 PM

Don’t forget about the faux fur purse we can easily add to our summer outfit to transform and add a little meow in our step.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.59.38 PMWhich reminds us, summer is hot, but the faux fur you wear doesn’t have to be.  Do you want a mane like the lion or lioness that you are? It doesn’t matter if you have a baby mane like Simba or some serious locks on you like Mufasa, curl, tease, twist, rock the high bumped pony.  Time to let the hair go a little feral.  If your hair is naturally frizzy, cat-like or amazing in other terms, then let your hair flow free. If you have thin hair, tease it and make it bounciful.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.03.01 PMPut tan in the word fanTANstic.  We are wearing our nude, tan, natural brown tones.  Heat is in the air, the dry, stagnant, stale heat that you breathe in.  It is hard to imagine putting on clothes much less leave the house.  But your friend calls and is dragging you out for sangria and pizza.  Remember The Lion King and opt for something tan.  A lion’s smooth golden hue fur embodies calm and cool.  Slip on a tan, naked dress ( like Carrie Bradshaw did when she rocked the naked dress with her first date with Mr. Big).  Let’s leave big impressions.


Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.05.23 PM

Maybe the naked dress isn’t your thing? Tan and shades of brown are great on all skin tones; it is mature yet sexy.  Get a shimmery brown tank top and black skinny jeans.  Yes, The Lion King paints Scar as the bad guy, and he just might be, but we all could use a little bad in our wardrobe.  So, put them into yours. 



The safari look isn’t only for the Jumanji.  So grab your safari look because the world is savage.  That means earthy tones, the dry sandy browns, the clay-like green, the oranges of the sunset.  Don’t shy away from refined casual look such as the cargo pant and boyfriend’s button up top. If you are going into the jungle, dress like you’re the king of the jungle.


#Styleinspiration: Honey – Kehlani

Written by Jeanette Chiu

Kehlani- Honey.jpg

Looking for a track to slowly wake you up in the morning? The naked acoustic sound from Kehlani’s single, “Honey”, released early this fall is sure to crush your early symptoms of winter blues. The song is just as sweet as its title, with its metaphors,
“I like my girls just like I like my honey; sweet
A little selfish
I like my girls just like I like my money; green
A little jealous”
shows Kehlani’s free-spirit and her honest dialogue. After all, she did win the Rule Breaker award for Billboard’s Women in Music.
Segue into our #Styleinspiration from listening to Kehlani’s “Honey”, this look takes notes of those characteristics. Our first item is a warm golden yellow choker pulloverfromStoret and its laced detail and semi-bell sleeves continue the new romantic trend. Fuzzy like a bee, this pullover is a comfy and modern take and gives a nice pop of color. Also from Storet, the sparkly floral embellished mini skirt paired with the pullover works perfectly for the upcoming holiday festivities. Wear your hair up in a single braided ponytail highlighting at least two colors, reminiscent of a bee’s black and yellow colors. This will be a great way to show off those highlights in your hair, but don’t fret if you don’t! You can add a colored ribbon of your choice and braid it in with your hair. As for shoes, go for a neutral pair like these criss-cross block heels from Chinese Laundry, that way it won’t clash with your pullover and skirt. Of course, we had to include some honeycomb references in this outfit; check out these cute hexagon earringsfrom Target. And as an added bonus, their minimal look makes it easy to pair with anything. Lastly before you head out, spray a hit or two of Marc Jacob’s Honey perfume. Top notes of pear, mandarin orange, honeysuckle and base note of (of course) honey, create a refreshing finish to this look.

View “Honey – Kehlani” here.

#KodeNow: Nick Jonas

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.18.59 PM.png

Photo | Steven Gomillion + Bridger Scott

Creative Direction + Fashion | The Kurators

Grooming | Marissa Machado for Kevin Murphy

Kode| Congratulations on the release of your new album! The reviews have been great, what does it feel like to finally have it out there to the world?

Nick| It feels great to be back and not only with brand new music but with my TV show, “Kingdom” as well. This year has been incredible so far and I’m excited about the reactions to my new album – I’ve worked really hard this past year to create a body of music that I’m extremely proud of.

Kode| Things have been quite silent from you and the rest of the Jonas clan for some time now. Why did you decide that now was a good time for you to release new music.

Nick| I believe that everything fell into place the way it was meant to. The timing on all of this aligned very organically – for both the album and the TV show.

Kode| This go around you worked with some amazing talents like Angel Haze, Demi Lovato & Mike Posner, what was it like working with these great artists and whom can we potentially see you collaborating with in the future?

Nick| There are so many amazing artists out there today. Some of my inspirations in this album came from both classic and modern artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder and The Weeknd. Right now, I’m really into Soul and R&B so I’d love to work with The Weeknd or Sam Smith.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.23.22 PM.png

Kode| Speaking of features and collaborations, what does the future hold for the Jonas Brothers? Will there be another album or maybe a feature track on your next project?

Nick| You never know what the future holds, but right now I’m focusing on my own path and making music that feels right to me an that I’ve been personally inspired by.

Kode| The sound of the album is very different from what we’ve heard from you in the past. Can you give us a glimpse into your creative process for the process for the project and what you were out to achieve with the sound?

Nick| The creative process was all about opening up and collaborating with new people who inspire me to do better.

Kode| With this new album you seemed to have really found your niche. It definitely has a much more mature sound and a darker R&B vibe going for it. What steered you in this direction rather than your more pop sounding roots?

Nick| I grew up listening to people like Stevie Wonder and Prince and the BeeGee’s. I’d say my Dad’s love of this music shaped who I am today as an artist.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.26.19 PM.png

Kode| We know you are big on interaction and feedback from your fans. What are you trying to communicate to them with your new sound, what would you like them to know about adult male Nick Jonas?

Nick| I hope they can see the changes I have gone through and the maturation of me as a solo artist. Before, I was known as a pop singer but with this album I think people are really seeing the soulful side that I’ve been influenced by. They are also seeing more of a personal connection to my music as it relates to different genres that I enjoy.

Kode| The music video for ‘Chains’ is very gripping and extremely stunning. You said that the song and video would set the tone for the next phase of your career. What did you mean by that?

Nick| A lit of people, before this album, wouldn’t have thought of me as someone who can relate to these heavier themes and topics but I think that the video helped show a new more serious direction that I’m heading in.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.27.10 PM.png

Kode| What does it feel like to finally truly be on your own; No brothers, No Administration, just Nick Jonas the man and artist?

Nick| It’s really exciting. I’ve been able to different things in the past, but now, I really get to explore this moment in my life, it’s this point where I can really pull from previously untapped influences, and deliver something that people never expected from me.

Kode| It’s been some time since fans have gotten to see you on tour, I know you had a sold out club tour recently, now that the album is out do you think you’ll give them an arena tour for this project?

Nick| The club tour was incredible! We visited 12 cities throughout the US and Canada and played for smaller venues, so I had the opportunity to really connect with my fans this time around. Playing in these venues, I could sense the passion coming from the audience but I’m really looking forward to getting back in the road for something a little bigger, where I can connect with even more of my fans.

Kode| Now we know that you are also an actor and are currently starring in DirecTV’s show Kingdom. You play an MMA fighter who is very reserved and private. What can you tell us about the character you are playing and what that journey has been like for you?

Nick| My character is very complex and kind of mysterious. There’s a lot of emotion and drama on the show but my character, Nate, is a bit more quiet and brooding than the other characters. At the same time he’s also this ripped and edgy fighter, so it’s been enjoyably complex balancing the two sides of him; the physical strength and the emotional solitude. I’ve had great stuff to work with during this first season, and I cannot wait to see where they’ll take me with the next two.

Kode| you have some pretty explicitly sex scenes on the show, how does your girlfriend handle that?

Nick| Luckily, she knows what it’s like to work on projects where you’re putting yourself out there to the public. It may seem like something that would make people uncomfortable, but I’m very lucky to have a girlfriend who understands.

“Right now, I’m living in this moment and loving all the great things that are coming my way.”

Kode| What do you think is different about Nick Jonas the actor vs. Nick Jonas the singer/songwriter?

Nick| When you’re acting, you’re trying to be someone else in order to get into the skin of this character, in my music, it’s all about expressing myself and putting my own feeling out there. So, the two processes feel pretty different for me.

Kode| Incredible talents such as Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, and most recently Jared Leto have had very successful careers in both music and acting. Where would you like to see your acting career acting career go and what is your dream role?

Nick| I would love to continue to pop up in roles that people don’t expect for me, and to work with great directors and other actors who I can learn from and continue to grow.

Kode| You are essentially the only young male act on the airways presently, are you enjoying being the only heartthrob reaching for the ladies hearts?

Nick| I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but it’s definitely flattering to get this kind of attention. Moving forward, I think I’m going to keep my shirt on for a little while and let my music take center stage.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.30.11 PM.png

Kode| You and your brothers reached dizzying heights of success at a fairly young age with a fairly tame image. What do you think it was that kept you from heading into the more good kid gone bad persona like similar young artists throughout history have?

Nick| I’m very fortunate to have gone through this journey with my family beside me, and I think that really helped to keep me grounded. I was lucky enough to have supportive people surrounding me throughout my life, helping me achieve my goals.

Kode| In the scope of the current generation there is no male vocalist more successful than Justin Timberlake, are you taking any pointers or inspired in any way by his career and has he by chance offered you any advice?

Nick| Being compared to Justin is awesome – he has had an incredible career, so it’s really cool to see people react in that way.

Kode| We know you are big on family, what are the holidays like with your family?

Nick| Holidays with my family are at about downtime and just enjoying each other’s company… and obviously lots of music.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.30.57 PM.png

Kode| How would you like to see yourself, your music, and your career evolve over the years to come?

Nick| Right now, I’m living in this moment and loving all the great things that are coming my way. I’ve worked with some amazing people had the opportunity to explore both music and acting. In things that excite me and that I’m passionate about.

Kode| Is there anything else that you would like to leave with your fans about this new chapter in life?

Nick| First, I should say thank you so much for all the support for this record, it means so much to me. Going forward, I just hope that people continue to respond to the new paths I explore and join me for this ride.