#KodeNext: Megan Pormer


Middle Eastern beauty and medical engineering expert Megan Pormer sits down with Kode Mag to dish on how she has kept up with the Kardashians, her international work in genetics, her mission and herself.


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Kode | Besides acting you have a PhD in Medical Engineering and have been involved in many fields of science and health, what do you hope to accomplish and what health advice do you have to share?

Health is our most important asset!  So, being proactive about our well beings should always be a priority. I would like to take such good care of my body that my biological age is a lot younger than my chronological age. My health advice for everyone is to be fully aware that their genetics are as unique as their fingerprint so you need to get the right advice to map a CUSTOMIZED plan for their health. Like everything else you need a roadmap for your health plan, so I say take a DNA test and understand the unique genes you are born with. With that knowledge you can plan a preventative road map and have targets on your physical bucket list. You need to have a deadlines; a deadline to reach your maximum physical flexibility, a deadline to make sure your vitamin D level is normal and so much more.

Kode | Now, about your acting career, each film you’ve starred in is impactful and has a message behind the character. When choosing a film or television role, what do you look for?

 I look for my hero in the character. No matter the circumstances in her life, I want her to fight till the end the best way she can. I look for my role model in every character who I want to become. This gives me a chance to live the ideal-me through the character.

Kode | You mentioned you are half Turkish and half Persian. Did your own background push you to study genetic testing?

Being raised by two parents from two different cultures and living in 8 different countries, opened my eyes on how unique every culture and every individual is. I remember watching Middle Easterners and all the rice they eat and comparing them to Americans and thinking about how I can see same patterns in terms of health and well being within every culture. I watched how unique every individual from each country is and also how similar they are. That got me interested to really understand people gene-by-gene.

Kode | You talked on the Kris Fade Show back in September about trying to expand genetic testing and expanding with companies in Dubai. How is your work in that going?

AMAZING!! I am now a brand ambassador for some amazing DNA testing companies in Dubai. So, this is allowing me to bring the best technology in America to every person in the Middle East.

Kode | You traveled a lot this year back and forth from Dubai to Los Angeles. Can you talk about the work you’ve been doing in Dubai?

I am taking the best of America to Dubai. A huge part of my heart and childhood memories with my family are laid in the heart of the Middle East. Due to my network in Hollywood and Silicon Valley I’m on a mission to take the best innovative products and services from California to Dubai and across the Middle East. 


Kode | You have been instrumental in bringing some of the biggest names in the world to Dubai, from Logan Paul to Kim Kardashian and even some of the most talented hair and makeup artists around. Can you let us in on a little bit of the work you do with these celebrities and how that impacts your brand?

I have built a very good network of friends in Hollywood and due to my relationships with some of the biggest stars and influencers I have connected the dots between Dubai and Hollywood and have hosted some of the biggest events in Dubai. In 2018 I’m bringing the best health and beauty experts to Dubai. So watch out, I’m shortlisting right now!

 Kode | The UAE is one of the world’s swiftest emerging countries when it comes to fashion, architecture, and technology what part do you want to play in the build up to Dubai Expo 2020?

In 2018 I will be the celebrity spokesperson for Dubai.TV a Los Angeles based media outlet that will raise awareness among celebrities, about all thing Dubai Expo 2020. Over the next 24 months, I’ll be traveling across the United States and Europe attending and covering major events as a celebrity correspondent and interviewing the biggest celebrities and social media influencers. I will create global awareness for the build up to the Expo 2020. Dubai.TV will have access to cover 7,000 events from charity balls to fashion and beauty events, movie premieres, award shows, exclusive parties, red carpet events and beyond.

Kode | You mentioned that your mother is from the late royal family of Iran. What was it like growing up and what pushed you to be the woman that you are today?

Let’s say that since I remember myself at the age of 2, I had to wear a sleeping gown and a robe to sleep and NEVER pajamas! I was privileged that at the age of 5, I was chosen as a United Nation ambassador for children’s rights which opened my eyes to all the struggles that many children around the world are dealing with. I had to grow up very fast and was always encouraged to act as an adult. So, in a sense I feel like I didn’t get a chance to be a kid. I have to admit that I had a dream life until my dad was taken away from me which made my family lose everything we owned as well as our social life in Iran. So, I have experienced how it feels to have it all and losing it all overnight. I had to learn how to claw my way back up and create the same life for myself that once my dad has created for me but I had to start from zero. I had to jump a few years at school because my family wants me to break a record and go to university at the age of 16, which I did.

Kode | You have worked on Keeping Up With the Kardashians through your medical background. What was that experience like and what is something you want people to remember you for?

Raising awareness about DNA testing for cancer and disease prevention, gave me an opportunity to meet the BIGGEST Hollywood’s actors, royalty, and politicians around the world. This access showed me ONE major thing: No matter how rich and famous you are HEALTH IS EVERYTHING. I want to be remembered as the voice of health and make a difference in people’s life by raising awareness to BEING PROACTIVE when it comes to your health. I also want to be remembered as the first Hollywood actress who makes Iranian people mainstream actors in Hollywood blockbusters.


Kode | You have modeled and acted, what helps you put your best foot forward? What makes you feel sexy and feel your healthiest?

First, being in good physical shape, being well-rested, and having a good range of physical flexibility and balance are the main factors in terms of my performance. Also, being in love with the character, finding her strengths and being emotionally stimulated by her passions is what helps me put my best foot forward when it comes to acting.

Kode | Who are you biggest inspirations?

Angelina Jolie because there is NO good cause in the world that she is not involved with; raising awareness about DNA testing for breast and ovarian cancer, adopting children in need, helping refugees, being an ambassador for the United Nations, helping the poor… Wait, isn’t that the definition of a saint?


Kode | When it comes to your sense of fashion what do you feel speaks most to you and who you are as a young woman?

My mother had ALWAYS put me in smart outfits and to this day she encourages me to make an effort show people that I respect them by dressing nice, so, with that being said I like to wear gowns and formal dresses. My inspirations are Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, and Queen Rania of Jordan. Whenever I hit the red carpet I always like to mix the best from east and west so I can represent the Middle East with a touch of west!

Kode | What do you love most about the world of fashion?

I think fashion is one of the strongest ways of expressing emotions, beliefs, and culture. It silently speaks a world.

 Kode | You have a dual background in being Turkish and Persian, how has does that play into your view of the world?

Having a dual background showed me how culture can affect your view of life, your perception, your feeling and how you express yourself. It taught me how people that are born in this world and have gone through revolutions grow up faster and are more self-aware. I learned that what makes one person happy can make another person upset. So when I deal with people, I always customize my approach depending on their culture and background.

Megan_Pormer_Kode_Mag_1Kode | On your Instagram you posted a video of you teaching YouTube star Logan Paul a little bit of Arabic for his trip to Dubai. Do you enjoy teaching others about your culture and where you come from?

I LOVE IT! It was one of the happiest moments of my life when I realized how many Middle Eastern children I made happy by having their American idol speak their language. As I said, I am going to bring the best of the west to the east.

 Kode | You’re pretty well versed in the LA scene what are some of your favorite hot spots and frequent eateries?

 My morning ritual is Kreation Juice Bar and my favorite spots are Nobu, Malibu and Soho House, Malibu. I love Sunday brunches at Soho House in Malibu. I love the ocean so Malibu is my favorite spot!

Kode | Finally what’s next for Megan Pormer?

Starting a business of bringing the top players in the world of health and beauty to the Middle East and continuing my mission to become the first actress to put Iran on the map in Hollywood!