KODE magazine launched in spring 2014 as one of the first multi-brand high street fashion and pop culture obsessed unisex publications targeting generation now. Kode in its short tenure has become synonymous with high octane editorial visuals and transforming some of young hollywood’s brightest stars. Kode’s images aide consistently in increasing talents relevance, awareness, and overall cool factor creating a rapid stream of viral assets.

KODE is the young and uninhibited, net savvy, fashion enthusiast’s single destination for everything modern, innovative, and on the brink of mainstream consciousness; in fashion, music, art, film, travel and more. KODE has placed itself far beyond ordinary millennial fashion publications serving as a high-energy influencer.

KODE continually introduces it readers to some of the most highly recognizable as well as underground and buzzing names throughout numerous categories such as fashion, technology, art, music, travel, nightlife, and so much more with a sophisticated and tasteful yet playful and lighthearted millennial attitude that is uniquely KODE.

KODE strives to be a collaborative petri dish reflecting the zeitgeist of the time and not only be young in age but in spirit, and a true litmus to a society curated by the very generation it targets; the youthful edgy sophisticate. All presented as a high-octane visual dialogue between the most obscure subsets of the fashion and art communities, and the core populous of the streets. KODE has the taste, brains and the attitude.