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Get to Know Casey Lamb

Designer Behind KSLAM

21-year-old designer Casey Lamb is a full-time student living in a small town outside of Vancouver Canada.  Within just two years of creating her line, KSLAM, she has developed a celebrity following with the likes of Kali Uchis, Tinashe, and Rita Ora spotted in her designs.  We sat down with Casey to discuss inspiration, goals, and the surrealism of celebrity.

Kode | What inspired you to start designing?

Designing for me was something I always wanted to do. I have had the weirdest fashion taste and always stood out in high school in terms of my outfit choices. I recognized early on that my vision for fashion was unique, and that I had a sense of creativity that couldn’t be expressed through visual art. It got to a point that I literally thought “Fuck it!” and that’s how I started KSLAM.

Kode | Who is the KSLAM girl?

The KSLAM women is unapologetically themselves. They are constantly pushing boundaries, confident, but also androgynous and fluid. I think we are in a time where everyone is trying to fit in somewhere, but my brand shows that you don’t have to.

Rita Ora in KSLAM  
Kode | What is your fashion philosophy?
To take aspects from both past and the current decades, by utilizing both new and used materials, to create clothing that is one of a kind for the women/person wearing it.
Kode | Is there a particular time in pop culture that inspires your designs?
My inspiration comes from different decades mostly. I really love the 70-90s. I think it was an influential time in fashion, with trends constantly changing. The denim collection is 90’s and early 2000’s inspired, while my new collection takes more from the 80’s.
Kode | You’ve developed a celebrity following with pop stars like Rita Ora and Kali Uchis in your designs.  How does it feel seeing your designs on stage and red carpets? Who would you love to dress/design for?
Its crazy honestly, but until I see them physically, right in front of me, in my designs, I don’t think it will feel real. Social media allows us to disconnect, which makes the reality that these people are wearing my clothing unbelievable. If I could design for anyone (of course) it would be Rihanna. How she represents herself and continues to redefine fashion, makeup, and music. She is what I believe to be the ‘KSLAM girl’.
Tinashe Performs in KSLAM

Kode | Most of your designs are reworked denim. Why Denim?  What other fabrics would you like to begin incorporating into your designs?

I started with denim as a way to rework used materials. Sustainability is really important to me, and when creating my brand, it was no different. The amount of clothing waste that is created from fast fashion companies and high-end retailers is detrimental to both society and the environment. Denim was the most accessible and abundant material that I could find when vintage/thrift shopping, so I just ran with it. Now, as I start my new collection, I am no longer using denim. Although I am still including reworked materials in my work, I am using brighter colors, to try and incorporate my individual style.
Kode | What has been the biggest challenge in your creative process?
I don’t know that there is really any stand out challenges. I never went to school for fashion design or business, so constructing the garments is probably the biggest challenge. It’s also hard for me to separate and good ideas from the bad, so I am constantly scrapping garments.
Kali Uchis in KSLAM

Kode | In addition to designing and running your brand you’re also a full-time student.  How do you juggle your fashion career and school? What are your plans for after graduation?

People always ask me this! I have gotten so used to time management and spending less time on things that don’t positively benefit either. I often block off periods of time to focus on one or the other and try to stick to it. After graduation, I hope to move, most likely to the States. I want to use what I learned throughout my four years of university and put it towards building KSLAM.
Kode | How did growing up in Vancouver contribute to your interests in fashion? Do you think that you would have a different point of view towards fashion if you grew up in the US?
I live in a small town outside of Vancouver. It is one of those places that no one ever leaves. I never was in that small-town mindset, so that pushed me towards my career in fashion. Vancouver’s art & fashion scene is still on the rise, but the beauty and environment of the city really inspires my art. If I grew up in the US, I think my perceptions would be similar, but its hard to know. The US has a lot more competition, and people striving towards careers in fashion, so it would have probably made me more doubtful of taking that leap.
Photo by Casey Lamb
Kode | When you get an idea, what is the first step you take before bringing that idea to life?
My process is so minimal, I usually think of my ideas when I am working out or am thrift shopping. I will usually just jot down a few words that describe the piece, but I never draw or draft it. I have a vivid imagination, so usually I can picture it clearly before I make it. After that, I usually just draw up a pattern or change ones I already have to fit what I want to make. Once the basis of the design is made, I do fittings and adjustments constantly, to try and make them one of a kind for the woman wearing it.  
Casey Lamb by Malcolm McEwan

Kode | Where do you see KSLAM in the next 3 years?

I never know how to answer this question. I really believe that my journey will unfold how it is supposed to. I want to just keep creating and be able to do this full time. Showing my collections at fashion weeks across the globe is the goal, while working with diverse groups of talented women. I want to be able to inspire, lead, and really change the climate we currently live in with my brand. In 3 years, people will know the name KSLAM.







Britney Spears is The New Face of Kenzo

Written by Camille Ramos

On March 20th, the world was gifted by something amazing: Britney Spears announced her new campaign for Kenzo’s La Collection Memento No. 2.

In a denim-clad outfit — from the laced up thigh high boots, underwear, cropped jacket, and baseball cap —, it’s a modern version of Spears’ iconic runway look. Iconic, that was the inspiration behind the whole campaign as it is a tribute to Kenzo Jeans debut in 1986. In a press release, creative director Humberto Leon shared, “Britney Spears is an icon, so I think in terms of her iconography, she fits into our Memento project perfectly.”

Spectacularly captured by Peter Lindbergh, Spears described the collection as youthful. In the middle of a street with smoke in the back bright lights reflecting the wet the ground, Spears looks like her 18-year old self rather than a 36-year old working mom of two boys. Speaking to Vogue, she shared, “We were out there and I had really promiscuous clothes on, which felt odd, but of course, on film it turned out to be really cool.”

Although the pop star is often seen walking the runway of her home on Instagram, Spears admits being “in a nightgown most of the time” when she’s just at home. However, she continues to gain confidence from her boys, watching them grow up and wear things that don’t quite match. She might not be wearing leather mini skirts and denim dresses anymore, but Spears is still the playful performer everyone loved when they were growing up, and with this Kenzo campaign, she was able to show the world that Britney Spears is back and better than ever.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PL7tFVHzuScyongImnvU4i7Yuh7ij2rI3o%5B/embedyt%5D

Raging|Runways- Finally a Fashion Runway for Millennials

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.03 PM
Written by : Jeanette Chiu
It’s mid-March and we know you’re scrambling to get everything ready for festival season. Hell, you probably don’t even have your Coachella tickets yet, let alone your outfit. And besides combing through Pinterest, Google Images or even the Explore page on Instagram, you need to check out Raging|Runways for all your festival inspiration.
Founded by CEO Ali Ricke, Raging|Runways is rejuvenating the fashion show scene by fusing the excitement of the runway and echoing the vibes of the free-spirited, PLUR, and peace-loving festival goers. Expect nothing short of colors, glitter, and sequins from this full-service fashion event production company based in Los Angeles.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.15 PM
Their upcoming Raging|Runways show is this Saturday, March 24th at 7pm-2am (yasss!) in Marina Del Rey. See full details here.
So what can you expect at this show? Well, lucky you we’ll give you an idea from their Bloggers Brunch last Sat. March 17th.
Social media influencers, press, and bloggers trickled in the Bloggers’ Brunch event late afternoon and of course had to step to the side for a quick photoshoot with a stand-alone camera and gorgeous floral wall by NYLaurent.
Once satisfied, they headed over to the glam stations where they can get their makeup and hair done by Paul Mitchell and glitter done by The Gypsy Shrine!
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.42 PM
 Girlboss Ali Ricke (right) getting glittered by The Gypsy Shrine
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.50 PM
 Did we mention there was also a Jo Malone fragrance bar? So yes, not only do you leave completely glammed, you also walk out smelling like orange blossoms and roses.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.59 PM
(On the left) Here I am (left) trying on vintage repurposed hats made by Jess (right) from That Dome Piece with an influencer (middle).
Amidst networking with fellow bloggers and instagrammers, attendees also enjoyed complimentary sparkling wine and cocktails provided by HugWine and Spa Girl Cocktails.
 And get this, there was also festival-inspired tea flavors by Dance to the Beet such as “Festival Chaser”, “Moon Goddess” and “Happy Belly”.
And we haven’t even talked about the clothes yet! Designers and vendors showcased a sneak peak of their collection that will be on this Saturday’s runway. Expect to see vegan leather accessories from Beatrice Holiday, exclusively designed jackets (bloggers’ favorite!) from Haus of Pook, unique festival wear by LuxMuse, hand-crafted crystal crowns from Jewelz By Jewelia and all the glitz, glamour, and glitter from more talented designers.
And it’s just a snippet of what’s to come on the fashion show. Models will walk down a color-changing LED runway, each posing in vibrant and one-of-a-kind attire from international and local designers. Guests can shop directly from the runway and enjoy interactive live painting, fire art, complimentary sparkling wine, and of course the glitter bar! We won’t spill all the details, you’ll have to check it out yourself. But perhaps the most importantly, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to “Times Up“, a non-profit and recently sparked social movement in fighting against sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace.
Photos provided by Mike Bradley and Jeanette Chiu. Special thanks to Raging|Runways and Ali Ricke.

What You Missed at Society FW

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.17.51 PM

Written by: Jeanette Chiu

On March 10th-11th, the Grand Sheraton Hotel was swarmed with influencers, press, media, photographers, fashion designer, models, and staff as they prepped for the Society Fashion Show, a touring fashion show cross-country that boasts of its high energy and innovative style. Society gave a quick preview of its starting show around Saturday afternoon of what’s to expect for their evening show. And these talented emerging fashion designers should not be underestimated. Lisa Lo kicks off the preview on a floral and fresh note with dresses not shy of tulle. Up next, Rene Dieu paints the runway in colorful textile with inspiration from around the world. Armor and Arrows change the tone to streetwear with bohemian influences and comfort in silky satin jumpsuits, mesh floral tops, and edgy basics for easy mix-and-match assemblage.

Above- Featured Collection : Armor & Arrows

Cranking up the heat, Alani Taylor sends down a collection of full on glam in red, black, and white, with red carpet ready vibes. Autumn Club with a collection chalked full of statement pieces for women and men with a play on colors and shapes. If anything, these looks convert nostalgic 90’s streetwear into a bold and artfully modern way with pattern and color blocking.

Above-Featured Collection: Autumn Club
Using the patchwork trend as a transition, Just10H closes the first show and gives the word patchwork a whole ‘nother meaning. This collection shows its creativity in turning different patterns and what looks like leftover fabrics into stunning day-to-night outfits.
Above and left-Featured Collection: Jus10H
Dialing the energy up, the evening show with designers :Will Franco, Siara Ambrosia, D’Lora Moda, Le Cattleya, Ron Tomson, Astonishing Apparel, Janelle Funari, Shalaja Swimwear, and Deviant La Vie give truth to Society’s claim of a high-energy and collaboration of new industry members. The beginning was interrupted by a slight blackout in the middle of the opening performance. While it took quite some time to get the momentum of the show back in play, it didn’t discourage the excitement of the audience, including the crowd standing in the back. Will Franco and Astonishing Apparel graced the runway in jewel-toned dresses filled with holographic sequins, satin, and feathers.
But it’s possible D’Lora Moda’s collection stole the audience’s attention for a moment with the adorable children modeling in suits and princess gowns.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.22.14 PM
(Left) Featured Collection: D’Lora Moda
Ron Tomson gave the crowd instant flashbacks to their school days with their interesting mix of casual attire with subtle skater boy influences. After the final walk, the audience erupted with cheers as a rogue model headed back to the runway and did another walk and strut his stuff one more time.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.22.21 PM

Then we were transported to a tropical getaway with collections from Le Cattleya and Shalaja Swimwear. The first model of Shalaja Swimwear commanded everyone in the ballroom as she lip-synched to the audio. Colorful prints and edgy cutout swimwear from Shalaja and sheer kaftans and flowy dresses from Le Cattleya gave an impression of summer on a rainy day in Los Angeles.
In addition,  Siara Ambrosia showcased a collection for the charming Californian girl and Janelle Funari gymnastic their way down the runway with flexible models showing off their athletic wear. From preppy-attired models walking down cute dogs to closing the collection with a wedding gown, Janelle Funari is your all occasion designer.
Above-Featured Collection: Janelle Funari New York
Perhaps the most explosive collection is Deviant La Vie. To launch the start of their collection, two male models performed a fight then posed on both sides of the runway while the entire room is anxiously waiting for what’s about to happen next. The first model appeared and the crowd roars in shock. Sporting a Chinese farmer hat, black thigh high boots, and as Brittany the designer of Deviant La Vie describes it, “exotic rope lingerie”, it’s safe to say no one was ready for this collection.
(Above) Featured Collection: Deviant La Vie
Only at the Society Fashion Show do you truly see it all and with these talented emerging designers debuting their first collection or showing their best version yet, one can only wonder what’s next.
If you missed their show in Los Angeles, catch their next one in Miami. Special thanks to Society Fashion Show.

An Exclusive Interview with 16 year old, Chlo Subia

Written by Kimberly Saldana

chlo subiaTo be sixteen and have a successful musical career already established is something, Chlo Subia can be proud of by the time she graduates from high school. I sat down with Chlo earlier this month to discuss the release of her latest single, 5 Minutes.

 Continuing her style of music, Chlo has released a song relatable to all. Just like Wrong Side of Love and For the Love, this new track has to do with relationships. However, it’s not your run of the mill girl gets heartbroken song or “i hate him”, but rather it focuses more on another kind of relationship — a friendship. Just like other singers of the time and many before her, heartbreaks are the go-to inspiration for a new release. Chlo wanted to do something a little different. Something a little underrated in this day in age for the music industry. As told by Chlo, friendships, especially one from a best friend, hurts just as much as when a boy breaks  your heart. Growing up girls and boys can simultaneously understand the emotional rollercoaster when someone close to you leaves you. Whether it’s from a fight or them simply just letting  you fade out of their life, not having that friend you shared your life with is something painful.

 Written way before the release date, 5 Minutes, encompasses the loss of Chlo’s best friend. The most amazing thing about this young singer, is that she also writes her own songs. She expresses how beneficial it is to have the ability to compose a lyric out of her thoughts. She can explicitly identify with her audience through authentic emotions by becoming a transparent singer on stage and off the stage.

 What can we expect for Chlo next? Well, she’s currently in the works on music that’s more acoustic and ballad-like. This is something completely different for the singer, but not new to her. Growing up, she performed in live theatre and she can surprise us all with her talented voice. In the next few months, we can’t wait to see what this young star will do to revolutionize music.


#Styleinspiration: Honey – Kehlani

Written by Jeanette Chiu

Kehlani- Honey.jpg

Looking for a track to slowly wake you up in the morning? The naked acoustic sound from Kehlani’s single, “Honey”, released early this fall is sure to crush your early symptoms of winter blues. The song is just as sweet as its title, with its metaphors,
“I like my girls just like I like my honey; sweet
A little selfish
I like my girls just like I like my money; green
A little jealous”
shows Kehlani’s free-spirit and her honest dialogue. After all, she did win the Rule Breaker award for Billboard’s Women in Music.
Segue into our #Styleinspiration from listening to Kehlani’s “Honey”, this look takes notes of those characteristics. Our first item is a warm golden yellow choker pulloverfromStoret and its laced detail and semi-bell sleeves continue the new romantic trend. Fuzzy like a bee, this pullover is a comfy and modern take and gives a nice pop of color. Also from Storet, the sparkly floral embellished mini skirt paired with the pullover works perfectly for the upcoming holiday festivities. Wear your hair up in a single braided ponytail highlighting at least two colors, reminiscent of a bee’s black and yellow colors. This will be a great way to show off those highlights in your hair, but don’t fret if you don’t! You can add a colored ribbon of your choice and braid it in with your hair. As for shoes, go for a neutral pair like these criss-cross block heels from Chinese Laundry, that way it won’t clash with your pullover and skirt. Of course, we had to include some honeycomb references in this outfit; check out these cute hexagon earringsfrom Target. And as an added bonus, their minimal look makes it easy to pair with anything. Lastly before you head out, spray a hit or two of Marc Jacob’s Honey perfume. Top notes of pear, mandarin orange, honeysuckle and base note of (of course) honey, create a refreshing finish to this look.

View “Honey – Kehlani” here.