Lion King Trends Everyone Needs Now

Release your inner wild cat, and make sure you have these trends in your closet.  Disney is creating new versions of their classic Disney characters, and the latest to hit theaters is The Lion King.  While revisiting our childhood film favorite in new photo-realism is exciting, let’s get more excited to see the Lion King-inspired trends. Take a look at some of the best looks taken from the screen and bringing it to your wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.57.52 PM

Leopard print has been a strong look for a couple seasons, and with wild cats on our minds, the print will stay for another couple seasons at least. Wearing animal print (faux obviously) brings out an inner power.  It doesn’t matter if you were feeling confident or not before but wearing some ferocious patterns will automatically have you channeling your inner king or queen.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.58.29 PM

Don’t forget about the faux fur purse we can easily add to our summer outfit to transform and add a little meow in our step.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 2.59.38 PMWhich reminds us, summer is hot, but the faux fur you wear doesn’t have to be.  Do you want a mane like the lion or lioness that you are? It doesn’t matter if you have a baby mane like Simba or some serious locks on you like Mufasa, curl, tease, twist, rock the high bumped pony.  Time to let the hair go a little feral.  If your hair is naturally frizzy, cat-like or amazing in other terms, then let your hair flow free. If you have thin hair, tease it and make it bounciful.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.03.01 PMPut tan in the word fanTANstic.  We are wearing our nude, tan, natural brown tones.  Heat is in the air, the dry, stagnant, stale heat that you breathe in.  It is hard to imagine putting on clothes much less leave the house.  But your friend calls and is dragging you out for sangria and pizza.  Remember The Lion King and opt for something tan.  A lion’s smooth golden hue fur embodies calm and cool.  Slip on a tan, naked dress ( like Carrie Bradshaw did when she rocked the naked dress with her first date with Mr. Big).  Let’s leave big impressions.


Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.05.23 PM

Maybe the naked dress isn’t your thing? Tan and shades of brown are great on all skin tones; it is mature yet sexy.  Get a shimmery brown tank top and black skinny jeans.  Yes, The Lion King paints Scar as the bad guy, and he just might be, but we all could use a little bad in our wardrobe.  So, put them into yours. 



The safari look isn’t only for the Jumanji.  So grab your safari look because the world is savage.  That means earthy tones, the dry sandy browns, the clay-like green, the oranges of the sunset.  Don’t shy away from refined casual look such as the cargo pant and boyfriend’s button up top. If you are going into the jungle, dress like you’re the king of the jungle.


#KodeNext: KSLAM Clothing


Get to Know Casey Lamb

Designer Behind KSLAM

21-year-old designer Casey Lamb is a full-time student living in a small town outside of Vancouver Canada.  Within just two years of creating her line, KSLAM, she has developed a celebrity following with the likes of Kali Uchis, Tinashe, and Rita Ora spotted in her designs.  We sat down with Casey to discuss inspiration, goals, and the surrealism of celebrity.

Kode | What inspired you to start designing?

Designing for me was something I always wanted to do. I have had the weirdest fashion taste and always stood out in high school in terms of my outfit choices. I recognized early on that my vision for fashion was unique, and that I had a sense of creativity that couldn’t be expressed through visual art. It got to a point that I literally thought “Fuck it!” and that’s how I started KSLAM.

Kode | Who is the KSLAM girl?

The KSLAM women is unapologetically themselves. They are constantly pushing boundaries, confident, but also androgynous and fluid. I think we are in a time where everyone is trying to fit in somewhere, but my brand shows that you don’t have to.

Rita Ora in KSLAM  
Kode | What is your fashion philosophy?
To take aspects from both past and the current decades, by utilizing both new and used materials, to create clothing that is one of a kind for the women/person wearing it.
Kode | Is there a particular time in pop culture that inspires your designs?
My inspiration comes from different decades mostly. I really love the 70-90s. I think it was an influential time in fashion, with trends constantly changing. The denim collection is 90’s and early 2000’s inspired, while my new collection takes more from the 80’s.
Kode | You’ve developed a celebrity following with pop stars like Rita Ora and Kali Uchis in your designs.  How does it feel seeing your designs on stage and red carpets? Who would you love to dress/design for?
Its crazy honestly, but until I see them physically, right in front of me, in my designs, I don’t think it will feel real. Social media allows us to disconnect, which makes the reality that these people are wearing my clothing unbelievable. If I could design for anyone (of course) it would be Rihanna. How she represents herself and continues to redefine fashion, makeup, and music. She is what I believe to be the ‘KSLAM girl’.
Tinashe Performs in KSLAM

Kode | Most of your designs are reworked denim. Why Denim?  What other fabrics would you like to begin incorporating into your designs?

I started with denim as a way to rework used materials. Sustainability is really important to me, and when creating my brand, it was no different. The amount of clothing waste that is created from fast fashion companies and high-end retailers is detrimental to both society and the environment. Denim was the most accessible and abundant material that I could find when vintage/thrift shopping, so I just ran with it. Now, as I start my new collection, I am no longer using denim. Although I am still including reworked materials in my work, I am using brighter colors, to try and incorporate my individual style.
Kode | What has been the biggest challenge in your creative process?
I don’t know that there is really any stand out challenges. I never went to school for fashion design or business, so constructing the garments is probably the biggest challenge. It’s also hard for me to separate and good ideas from the bad, so I am constantly scrapping garments.
Kali Uchis in KSLAM

Kode | In addition to designing and running your brand you’re also a full-time student.  How do you juggle your fashion career and school? What are your plans for after graduation?

People always ask me this! I have gotten so used to time management and spending less time on things that don’t positively benefit either. I often block off periods of time to focus on one or the other and try to stick to it. After graduation, I hope to move, most likely to the States. I want to use what I learned throughout my four years of university and put it towards building KSLAM.
Kode | How did growing up in Vancouver contribute to your interests in fashion? Do you think that you would have a different point of view towards fashion if you grew up in the US?
I live in a small town outside of Vancouver. It is one of those places that no one ever leaves. I never was in that small-town mindset, so that pushed me towards my career in fashion. Vancouver’s art & fashion scene is still on the rise, but the beauty and environment of the city really inspires my art. If I grew up in the US, I think my perceptions would be similar, but its hard to know. The US has a lot more competition, and people striving towards careers in fashion, so it would have probably made me more doubtful of taking that leap.
Photo by Casey Lamb
Kode | When you get an idea, what is the first step you take before bringing that idea to life?
My process is so minimal, I usually think of my ideas when I am working out or am thrift shopping. I will usually just jot down a few words that describe the piece, but I never draw or draft it. I have a vivid imagination, so usually I can picture it clearly before I make it. After that, I usually just draw up a pattern or change ones I already have to fit what I want to make. Once the basis of the design is made, I do fittings and adjustments constantly, to try and make them one of a kind for the woman wearing it.  
Casey Lamb by Malcolm McEwan

Kode | Where do you see KSLAM in the next 3 years?

I never know how to answer this question. I really believe that my journey will unfold how it is supposed to. I want to just keep creating and be able to do this full time. Showing my collections at fashion weeks across the globe is the goal, while working with diverse groups of talented women. I want to be able to inspire, lead, and really change the climate we currently live in with my brand. In 3 years, people will know the name KSLAM.



#KodeNow Exclusive Steve Aoki | #atKode


From playing at all the top EDM music festivals, designing new collections for Dim Mak, to supporting humanitarian causes, the power of Steve Aoki is unstoppable.

Photo | Bridger Clements | @Bridger
Creative + Fashion Direction | AllanTroy | @allantroy_
Fashion Editor | Alexandra Mandelkorn| @mandelkorn
Talent Coordinator | Lauren A. Camp |@steveaoki
Grooming | Marley Gonzales | @marleythebarber
PR | Ryan Mitchell | @theslaygawd
Videographer |Sam Haskell | @TragicStreez

Kode | Your latest album, Kolony, features a lot of collaboration with hip hop artists like T-pain and Gucci Mane, what was it like working with these music heavy weights and what was your thought process in wanting to work with them?

I wasn’t sure where it was gonna go, if I was gonna be making music for them, or just jumping on future or a project. It was just kinda like winging it and having fun. And then, there was a really good flow happening with some of the artists. I was just in the studio with Lil Uzi Vert, and I would just jump in the studio with Migos, Lil Yachty and then the flow started getting created where it just made sense to do a whole new brand and finish off a project that ultimately became the album.

And now it’s bigger than the album, now I’m going to be making music underneath the Kolony moniker. Now it’s just it’s own vehicle, it’s own brand. And, I’m going to continue with the brand because it’s a pretty strong, solid concept. I’m very proud of it. A lot of these artists I’ve known for quite some time, whether I’ve played with them at festivals or we reached out to each other through social media. So, it was great to be able to kind of blend EDM and hip-hop in a way where it is very much indicative to American culture. And I get to see it, I’m in the UK, doing the Kolony tour out here and I love how all the fans have gravitated towards my new album, and singing along to the songs. And it’s different. It’s sing-a-long-able. Everyone’s kind of like joining in on the chants and joining in on that culture. It’s a life of its own.

Kode | Definitely. So, when it comes to releasing under the Kolony moniker, will you continue to do full albums or will it be singles that you drop? Like throughout the year? What will be the structure of it?

I’m always doing sessions with different artists, and then I gauge it on when I get enough music done, whether it’s going to be an EP or whether it’s an album or whatever. I don’t want to announce them yet because it puts pressure on me to release it. I’m still running on that Kolony train obviously. I’ve been on the road to Neon Future 3 for years, for a few years now, so I have songs banked and I’m ready to kind of start slicing off some of those songs for Neon Future 3, which I have already been doing. Singles like “All Night” and “Just Hold On” are like kind of precursors to Neon Future 3. But it’s pop-driven, it’s very much EDM and pop combined for Neon Future 3.

But last year was very much Kolony, this year is all about bringing back more of my EDM bangers and Neon Future 3. So, I’m dropping 5 Loki, which is my follow-up to 4 Loki and it’s all collars with different EDM artists, and we’re just making pure festival bangers. So, I have one song with Hardwell, one song with Laidback Luke, one song with Quintin one song with Loopers, and one song with Vini Vici. I’ve been testing them out, tooling them, reworking them, but they just work great. Hardwell already played out one of our songs; he says it banged out. Laidback Luke’s been playing our song. Quintin and I have been playing our song for quite some time because we made it like last year, and finishing that off. It’s gonna be a lot of bangers coming out. Slowly but surely I’ll be ready to drop Neon Future 3, and putting out singles, tons of my singles that are cross-collaborative, cross-genre.

Kode | That’s awesome. Seems like you’ve definitely got a lot of new music pumping, and the gears are definitely spinning. Seeing as you’ve been obviously like a pioneer in the world, world class DJ for well over a decade, and obviously categorized as a legend, what is your take on the current state of EDM and what the music culture is around that? What have you witnessed in your transition through the years of being within the industry?

Well, it’s funny because it’s like what you see … an analogy I would put with the EDM is what you see on TV and what’s real are two different things. When you think about EDM and you think about the term EDM in media or in conversations that we have online it’s almost like a bad word. You know, it’s almost like, “Oh, I’m not EDM. I don’t want to be known as that. I don’t want to be seen as that.” But then when you go to festivals and you’re raging with your audience, they want EDM. They want energy. They wanna go crazy. They wanna get lit. They wanna leave their skin, leave their body. They wanna just go nuts with you.

But then when you talk about it in the conversations like, “No, no, no. We can’t make EDM anymore.” It’s kind of like now, 2018, it’s all about reclaiming that word in a positive way. It’s been this kind of a bad word for the past few years now when it became so big, and now for me it’s all about reclaiming that word. For 2018, it’s all about EDM for me. So that’s why I made a big effort to team up with other EDM DJs and make pure EDM bangers for our world. To feed our world what they really want at the shows.

For me as an artist, I need to expand and involve and try new things and experiment and work with different genres. I find a lot of inspiration when I’m in the studio with someone from a completely different world and we make something completely different and surprise people. That challenge is exciting and it’s always going to provoke and find a new creative process that’s going to spark something brand new. And I love being able to do that. I love challenging myself, being uncomfortable in situations so I can learn. And, once again, the most important life lesson is that I know very little in life because I’m always a student.

You have to go into things thinking that you know nothing to very little, and you have so much to learn. And even though I’m 40 I’m still very much a student of life. And when you have that train of thought, you find yourself filled with inspiration and filled with so many more perspectives.The two things I wanna stay away from is being jaded and cynical.

Kode | I’ve always kind of said the same thing, being an eternal student of the universe. So that’s definitely right on the money. I definitely feel that vibe, and everyone’s kind of been on that wave of trying to find existential meaning in the past two years. With some of your recent collabs, can you tell us any one of your favorites? I know you just recently, like ‘All Night’ with Lauren.

Recently, I think the Backstreet Boys were pretty interesting to be in the studio with. I love those guys, they’re kind of like legends. However, to this day one of my favorite collaborations ever is Linkin Park. I haven’t been in the studio with them in a while, but I just started working on a couple songs with Mike Dashing for his new project. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be on his project or if we’re gonna like trade off. We’ll do one song for my album, one song for his. But I mean, literally you hear his stuff and you just wanna break down. It’s very emotional, very human and I love Mike to death. I love Linkin Park, I love Chester. So being able to work with him and get him through his pain, through music, I’m just like glad I can be a friend and do that.

I’ve also worked with Tom Morello and with Rage Against the Machine, one of my favorite bands in the universe. That was very, very exciting to work with Tom. And the singer of Rise Against is on the song. He recorded his vocals in the studio with Jim Atkins from Jim Eat World.

Kode | You definitely have a great list of favorites. You also just recently worked with BTS and you know they’re a huge K-Pop group kind of taking over America. What was that process like and being a big step for them and their American domination?

I absolutely love these guys. Beyond the music, we have a real and really good bond. Honestly, I remember just hanging out with Rap Monster or RM and the whole crew. I gave RM my sweater and he’s like, “Yo, I love your sweater and I gave him my sweater and he’s like take my jacket. We gave each other clothes. You don’t just do that with other artists. You know what I mean? They’re like my brothers. We really have a really great bond, and that changes the way we work together. You know, it’s just a different process.

My favorite collaborations are ones where you get inspired to work with people and you find really good friendship and a bond like that. Like working with Louis Tomlinson has been such a pleasant surprise. We just became really good friends over that song. I really feel a strong bond with BTS and with RM and when I hear their name I get all excited like they’re family. And I love how “Mic Drop” just blew up. That remix blew up. I love that I was part of that. And we got some really exciting stuff coming up. There’s no date yet and there’s not much I can say because we’re still working on it, but I know it’ll blow people’s minds. I know it’s not just for the fans. It’s definitely gonna be for the general public and they’re really gonna hear. People that don’t know who I am, people who don’t know who BTS are, they’re gonna know about this song. These songs that we’re working on are really, really good.Kode | Who would you say are your dream artists? Like on your major wish list to collaborate with, that you have not yet?

I’d say Eminem, he’s like the milestone. Eminem, for sure and also Drake. I’d put both of them at the top of my list for sure. Same with Kendrick, too. Kendrick and I were in the studio back in the day. We were really close on doing something, but nothing seemed to come out of that. Hm, and Kanye too, he would be on the list as well. You know what, this is pretty different, I also just like being in the studio that changed the game that influenced. So, doing a song with Elon Musk would be amazing too.

Kode | Interesting. That’s dope.

I would love to put him to the creative and just have him do some spoken word, you know? Collab on a musical idea. It’d be just really interesting to come up with melodies with him and then maybe like have him jump on the mic. So, I love having that kind of element in the studio.Kode | That’s super interesting. I love that idea. And you have Dim Mak, which is your independent brand, your own label. It also now features your own clothing line and everything. What’s kind of been the whole process behind having your own label, and where do you wanna take that. And your own fashion line. Where do you expect for those things to go? And how do you wanna grow the Dim Mak brand?

It’s kind of like an octopus brand. There’s a lot of different aspects, like we have a central nervous system, but then we have different organizations that come out of the community. So, just having a business in the music world for over twenty years is already like a testament to the community itself. So I’m very thankful for the community that supported the business and the ecosystem because we wouldn’t be where we are without our community. That’s for sure. And Artemis that have really supported us, and we’ve taken risks on supporting and they’ve taken risks on us. It’s definitely a copasetic relationship.

But the fashion angle has been a major responsibility. And it’s been something that’s been consuming a lot of my time as well. Outside of the studio, I’m working heavily on the fashion side and it’s such a different wheelhouse. It’s a different business, it’s a different infrastructure, different team. Absolutely, incredibly challenging. And it costs lot of money, it’s just really expensive and lots of risk involved. Where the music side of things it’s a self-sustainable business. It’s grounded and has a very solid foundation. Fashion is ever-changing and I’m new at it still. Even though I’ve been doing it for quite some time I feel like we have a lot more work to do.Kode | Definitely. So there’s obviously a lot of young, fresh talent within the music industry as a whole, but what are some advice that you would give to some of the younger artists in EDM, in Hip-Hop, in R&B like throughout the entire music scope? What’s something that, as a legend in the industry, what is something that you would give to them to help them get to the next step in their careers?

You know, whenever there’s a very popular genre there’s going to be a lot of artists trying to get into that field because it’s so exciting. It’s so exciting to see and you wanna participate. First of all, there’s room for everyone. There’s room for everyone to try. So don’t not think that you don’t have what it’s got to make it. When I first got into DJing, I definitely wasn’t thinking like, “OK, I’m gonna be one of the top guys.” I’m just gonna do my thing in a very small setting and do the best I can. And that’s the same approach that we could take.

Doesn’t matter what period of time you’re in when you start, no matter how saturated is. What you’ve gotta do is you’ve got to make whatever you do that’s in front of you, you’ve gotta make that special. The music or product that you put out there, you’ve got to make that unique to you and that tells your authentic life experience. There’s no one else that can tell your life experience but yourself. And that’s where you find your unique qualities. That’s where you start developing your signature sound is by going into your own life experience and bringing that out into the world.

Kode | That’s great, great advice. I fully believe in that 100%. So at the end of the day, you’re Steve Aoki. What would you say keeps you the most grounded in your humanity and in the realism of the world and the universe outside of the world of being a superstar DJ?

Going back to your roots. You’ve gotta go back to your roots. You need to really go back to the beginning. And you’ve gotta remember your history. You know? And then you realize the things you might complain about now, you definitely weren’t complaining about it in the beginning. You’re like, “Holy shit, if only I could be there.” You know what I mean? If only I could be on that stage or if only I could fly first class or only if I could be delivered in a car without my driving. Whatever it might be that you’re complaining about now, you definitely weren’t complaining about that in the beginning.

Kode | Yeah, it’s like they say, “Remember when you prayed for what you have now.”

Yep, exactly.

Kode | That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Steve. Those are definitely some great points. I really appreciate you taking the time out to chat with us. Thanks, man.

Alright, man. Thanks a lot.

Exclusive Olivia Culpo | #atKode


Photo by Bradford Rogne

She took the crown as Miss Universe back in 2012 and now, Olivia Culpo has her eyes set on dominating the fashion industry and more.


Photo | Hudson Taylor | @photobyhudson
Creative + Fashion Direction | AllanTroy | @allantroy_
Fashion Asst. | Gabriela Mershad + Anastasiia Znova| @mersheykisses @nastiaznova
Production Asst. | Jeanette Chiu |
Hair | Cesar Ramirez | @cesar4styles
Makeup | Anthony Nguyen | @anthonyhnguyenmakeup
Manicurist | Shigeko Taylor | @nailsbyshige
Art Direction | Tony Todd | @mediaenhancer

Kode | It takes real dedication and perseverance to participate in the pageant circuit. Let alone to actually take the top honor of Miss Universe like you did in 2012. Growing up did you always want to be a pageant girl or is it something you kind of just stumbled into?  

Being in pageants was definitely not something I thought I would ever see myself doing! I knew I wanted to get into the fashion world, so I did a lot of research, and now here we are! Entering into Miss Rhode Island was a huge step towards the career I knew I wanted for myself. I was certainly not a “girly girl” growing up, and I learned a lot from the other girls in the pageants. They taught me so much about fashion and beauty and I will forever be grateful for that experience. 

Kode | You’ve truly taken to fashion now that your pageant days are behind you and you are truly killing it with your style. How did you get into fashion and what do you think best describes your personal style? I love trying out different trends and styles.

I really love the idea of being able to express myself through fashion, and I think that is something a lot of people can get behind. My style is constantly evolving. Just like you change and evolve as you grow, so does your wardrobe! I love to try out different trends – Right now I am really into fanny packs and layering. I think there is something so vintage and fun about the fanny pack, and layering is such a fun way to turn a dress you’re getting tired of into a totally different outfit by adding a simple T-shirt or even a turtleneck underneath!   

Kode|You’re pretty much a permanent fixture on the fashion week scene. What is your favorite part of attending fashion week and are there any designers whose shows you consistently look forward to seeing?

During fashion month I especially love playing with street style fashion. There are no rules during this time and I get to be as creative as I want! I see the incredible looks the fashion editors are wearing, and it is so inspiring to me. I look to them for constant inspiration for my looks.  There are so many shows and designers who blow my mind during fashion month. Every year I look forward to seeing what designers like Dior, Saint Laurent, and Vauthier will reveal. This year especially I and am very intrigued with what Jacquemus, as well as Sally Le Pointe are doing. All of the shows remind me of art, and I am so excited to see what everyone will reveal!



Kode| You’ve now got some acting credits under your belt, what is it that drew you to acting and what type of roles can we expect to see you play?

I started acting in college and completely fell in love.  It is such a great outlet self-expression and I am constantly trying to become a stronger actor.  I hope to play many different roles, as I believe being a great actor is being able to become so many different characters on screen. As far as movies being released this year, I have a small part in the new Amy Schumer movie “I Feel Pretty” coming out this summer. 

Kode| You also recently opened a restaurant with your family in Rhode Island, what has it been like working so closely with your relatives and have you learned any new skills along the process? I’m sure that has to be special for the city with you being former Miss Rhode Island.

Owning The Back 40 in RI with my dad has been such a fun adventure! I am so close with my family in the first place, so it was natural to go into business together. Going into the restaurant business just made sense for us. My dad actually owns other restaurants in Boston, and that has really made this venture so smooth. My whole family loves to cook, and we are just having such a great time with it! This past year we had Thanksgiving dinner at Back40 with all of our extended family and friends, and that just makes it so special. 

Kode|What are some lessons you feel you learned from your past relationships and do you have any advice or other young women looking to find love?

I know this sounds so cliché, but I really do believe it is so important to always follow your heart and stay true to yourself.  It is so important to know who you are, and to love yourself before even trying to find someone else to love! Find someone that brings out the best in you and supports you in everything you do. 

Kode| We recently saw the promo for your upcoming E! docuseries “Model Squad” featuring yourself Devon Windsor, Ashley Moore, Ping Hue, and a few more beautiful ladies. What was it like filming the show and can you give us a preview of what it is we’ll be seeing you all get into on the show?

Filming the show was so much fun! It was the first time I really had a camera crew with me for all times, so at first, it did take some getting used to! I really had such a great time filming this show, and it was such a great opportunity to get to know all of the other girls on the show so much better.  They are all powerful and inspiring women!

Kode| What’s the biggest motto you tend to live by in life?

I don’t have one motto, I think that at different times in your life, different saying speak to you. My favorite motto right now – What happens to you happens for you.

Britney Spears is The New Face of Kenzo

Written by Camille Ramos

On March 20th, the world was gifted by something amazing: Britney Spears announced her new campaign for Kenzo’s La Collection Memento No. 2.

In a denim-clad outfit — from the laced up thigh high boots, underwear, cropped jacket, and baseball cap —, it’s a modern version of Spears’ iconic runway look. Iconic, that was the inspiration behind the whole campaign as it is a tribute to Kenzo Jeans debut in 1986. In a press release, creative director Humberto Leon shared, “Britney Spears is an icon, so I think in terms of her iconography, she fits into our Memento project perfectly.”

Spectacularly captured by Peter Lindbergh, Spears described the collection as youthful. In the middle of a street with smoke in the back bright lights reflecting the wet the ground, Spears looks like her 18-year old self rather than a 36-year old working mom of two boys. Speaking to Vogue, she shared, “We were out there and I had really promiscuous clothes on, which felt odd, but of course, on film it turned out to be really cool.”

Although the pop star is often seen walking the runway of her home on Instagram, Spears admits being “in a nightgown most of the time” when she’s just at home. However, she continues to gain confidence from her boys, watching them grow up and wear things that don’t quite match. She might not be wearing leather mini skirts and denim dresses anymore, but Spears is still the playful performer everyone loved when they were growing up, and with this Kenzo campaign, she was able to show the world that Britney Spears is back and better than ever.



Raging|Runways- Finally a Fashion Runway for Millennials

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.03 PM
Written by : Jeanette Chiu
It’s mid-March and we know you’re scrambling to get everything ready for festival season. Hell, you probably don’t even have your Coachella tickets yet, let alone your outfit. And besides combing through Pinterest, Google Images or even the Explore page on Instagram, you need to check out Raging|Runways for all your festival inspiration.
Founded by CEO Ali Ricke, Raging|Runways is rejuvenating the fashion show scene by fusing the excitement of the runway and echoing the vibes of the free-spirited, PLUR, and peace-loving festival goers. Expect nothing short of colors, glitter, and sequins from this full-service fashion event production company based in Los Angeles.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.15 PM
Their upcoming Raging|Runways show is this Saturday, March 24th at 7pm-2am (yasss!) in Marina Del Rey. See full details here.
So what can you expect at this show? Well, lucky you we’ll give you an idea from their Bloggers Brunch last Sat. March 17th.
Social media influencers, press, and bloggers trickled in the Bloggers’ Brunch event late afternoon and of course had to step to the side for a quick photoshoot with a stand-alone camera and gorgeous floral wall by NYLaurent.
Once satisfied, they headed over to the glam stations where they can get their makeup and hair done by Paul Mitchell and glitter done by The Gypsy Shrine!
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.42 PM
 Girlboss Ali Ricke (right) getting glittered by The Gypsy Shrine
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.50 PM
 Did we mention there was also a Jo Malone fragrance bar? So yes, not only do you leave completely glammed, you also walk out smelling like orange blossoms and roses.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.00.59 PM
(On the left) Here I am (left) trying on vintage repurposed hats made by Jess (right) from That Dome Piece with an influencer (middle).
Amidst networking with fellow bloggers and instagrammers, attendees also enjoyed complimentary sparkling wine and cocktails provided by HugWine and Spa Girl Cocktails.
 And get this, there was also festival-inspired tea flavors by Dance to the Beet such as “Festival Chaser”, “Moon Goddess” and “Happy Belly”.
And we haven’t even talked about the clothes yet! Designers and vendors showcased a sneak peak of their collection that will be on this Saturday’s runway. Expect to see vegan leather accessories from Beatrice Holiday, exclusively designed jackets (bloggers’ favorite!) from Haus of Pook, unique festival wear by LuxMuse, hand-crafted crystal crowns from Jewelz By Jewelia and all the glitz, glamour, and glitter from more talented designers.
And it’s just a snippet of what’s to come on the fashion show. Models will walk down a color-changing LED runway, each posing in vibrant and one-of-a-kind attire from international and local designers. Guests can shop directly from the runway and enjoy interactive live painting, fire art, complimentary sparkling wine, and of course the glitter bar! We won’t spill all the details, you’ll have to check it out yourself. But perhaps the most importantly, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to “Times Up“, a non-profit and recently sparked social movement in fighting against sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace.
Photos provided by Mike Bradley and Jeanette Chiu. Special thanks to Raging|Runways and Ali Ricke.

What You Missed at Society FW

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.17.51 PM

Written by: Jeanette Chiu

On March 10th-11th, the Grand Sheraton Hotel was swarmed with influencers, press, media, photographers, fashion designer, models, and staff as they prepped for the Society Fashion Show, a touring fashion show cross-country that boasts of its high energy and innovative style. Society gave a quick preview of its starting show around Saturday afternoon of what’s to expect for their evening show. And these talented emerging fashion designers should not be underestimated. Lisa Lo kicks off the preview on a floral and fresh note with dresses not shy of tulle. Up next, Rene Dieu paints the runway in colorful textile with inspiration from around the world. Armor and Arrows change the tone to streetwear with bohemian influences and comfort in silky satin jumpsuits, mesh floral tops, and edgy basics for easy mix-and-match assemblage.

Above- Featured Collection : Armor & Arrows

Cranking up the heat, Alani Taylor sends down a collection of full on glam in red, black, and white, with red carpet ready vibes. Autumn Club with a collection chalked full of statement pieces for women and men with a play on colors and shapes. If anything, these looks convert nostalgic 90’s streetwear into a bold and artfully modern way with pattern and color blocking.

Above-Featured Collection: Autumn Club
Using the patchwork trend as a transition, Just10H closes the first show and gives the word patchwork a whole ‘nother meaning. This collection shows its creativity in turning different patterns and what looks like leftover fabrics into stunning day-to-night outfits.
Above and left-Featured Collection: Jus10H
Dialing the energy up, the evening show with designers :Will Franco, Siara Ambrosia, D’Lora Moda, Le Cattleya, Ron Tomson, Astonishing Apparel, Janelle Funari, Shalaja Swimwear, and Deviant La Vie give truth to Society’s claim of a high-energy and collaboration of new industry members. The beginning was interrupted by a slight blackout in the middle of the opening performance. While it took quite some time to get the momentum of the show back in play, it didn’t discourage the excitement of the audience, including the crowd standing in the back. Will Franco and Astonishing Apparel graced the runway in jewel-toned dresses filled with holographic sequins, satin, and feathers.
But it’s possible D’Lora Moda’s collection stole the audience’s attention for a moment with the adorable children modeling in suits and princess gowns.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.22.14 PM
(Left) Featured Collection: D’Lora Moda
Ron Tomson gave the crowd instant flashbacks to their school days with their interesting mix of casual attire with subtle skater boy influences. After the final walk, the audience erupted with cheers as a rogue model headed back to the runway and did another walk and strut his stuff one more time.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.22.21 PM

Then we were transported to a tropical getaway with collections from Le Cattleya and Shalaja Swimwear. The first model of Shalaja Swimwear commanded everyone in the ballroom as she lip-synched to the audio. Colorful prints and edgy cutout swimwear from Shalaja and sheer kaftans and flowy dresses from Le Cattleya gave an impression of summer on a rainy day in Los Angeles.
In addition,  Siara Ambrosia showcased a collection for the charming Californian girl and Janelle Funari gymnastic their way down the runway with flexible models showing off their athletic wear. From preppy-attired models walking down cute dogs to closing the collection with a wedding gown, Janelle Funari is your all occasion designer.
Above-Featured Collection: Janelle Funari New York
Perhaps the most explosive collection is Deviant La Vie. To launch the start of their collection, two male models performed a fight then posed on both sides of the runway while the entire room is anxiously waiting for what’s about to happen next. The first model appeared and the crowd roars in shock. Sporting a Chinese farmer hat, black thigh high boots, and as Brittany the designer of Deviant La Vie describes it, “exotic rope lingerie”, it’s safe to say no one was ready for this collection.
(Above) Featured Collection: Deviant La Vie
Only at the Society Fashion Show do you truly see it all and with these talented emerging designers debuting their first collection or showing their best version yet, one can only wonder what’s next.
If you missed their show in Los Angeles, catch their next one in Miami. Special thanks to Society Fashion Show.

#KodeNext: Ivana Baquero


Photo | Maxwell Poth | @maxwellpoth

Creative + Fashion Direction | AllanTroy | @allantroy_

Asst. Fashion Editor | Niesa Gordon | @neececup_

Production | Jeanette Chiu |

Hair | Gui Schoedler | @guiniushair

Gui Schoedler for Exclusive Artists using Amika Haircare

Makeup | Sherri Celis | @sherricelis

Graphic | Jeanette Chiu |

Interview by Associate Editor, Kimberly Saldana (@kimberlysaldana)

Pan’s Labrinyth favorite, Ivana Baquero, now starring in the hit American fantasy drama, Shannara Chronicles, is just getting started. 

Kode | In Season 2 of your show the Shannara Chronicles had all the fans excited, how did you see the development of your character?

Yes, there’s definitely a lot happening. Because season 1 was very much her going from selfish to selfless, really expanding her horizons and meeting Will and Amberle and joining the quest. Then season 2 she’s already gained her freedom and she’s learned so much about herself but you know the mystery of who she is, still remains. Season 2 is going to be about her discovery of who she really is and what the tattoo on her back means. I think it’s really really wonderful that people and a lot of fans were wondering- we seen so much about Will and Amberle but who is Eretria?

Kode | Did you like the development of her character?

I did. I honestly think she’s one of the coolest characters and she’s so resourceful. And she’s a fighter and not only literally a fighter but she’s fights for what she believe in. She has this amazing sense of justice so I think she’s such a badass; she gets to do horseback riding and amazing things and save the day so it’s a lot of fun I think you’ll like her a lot.


Kode | And what was it like being her? Did you know that you were going to be a badass character?

 I honestly didn’t know because it’s my first action project that I ever done in my life. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull that off because I’m… you know, I’m quiet and petite and some say I look sweet. They brought us about a month before shooting and they basically put us through boot camp for both season 1 and season 2. You get like a personal trainer. We get trained in all these skills so on the day we do look like we know what we’re doing which is pretty cool. We have an amazing stunt team and it ended up looking decent.

Kode |Yeah I mean in the previews they looked amazing. What’s one thing that you want people to learn about your character?  Like I know she’s discovering herself and she’s changing but what is the inner depth of her?

 I think she’s a great example of someone who comes from a really difficult background;  she pretty much was abused, had to fend for herself, she didn’t have a family, she was raised in a clan of thieves, so she had to earn the respect of the clan and it was pretty harsh there was no upbringing. Even though, that was the only thing she knew she still manages to always stick to what she thinks is right. Like I said earlier she has an amazing sense of justice and what’s cool about her is that she’s a fighter but at the same time she teaches other people that it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes- which I think is great to have that portrayal on TV especially because Shannara has a young audience so I think she and all the other female characters are great examples of women empowerment.

Kode | How do you feel about the love triangle going on? Is there a love triangle?

Haha, there are. So season 1 is all about Will, Amberle, and Eretria. In season 2 it gets intricate because there’s many new characters. And Amberly goes but we’ll be coming back but I can’t reveal how, so there’s new characters coming into the scene and in this case she still continues her relationship with Will because they go way back and they have those amazing bond but she meets someone else. She meets Lyria. She start the relationship with Lyria but then things get tumultuous and we’ll see what happens but it’s never easy in the Four Lands.

Kode | And you and Will?

Yeah I mean I can’t really reveal much but I’m going to say there still is fire there. You know they have this amazing connection and they’re tied because obviously they save the world together in season 1. At the same time it’s been a year when season two takes off since things have happened and things have changed. We’ll see how that develops because he meets someone else later on as well.

Kode | There’s definitely a lot of different triangles.

Yeah, it’s very character driven so it’s not so much about the romance but, it’s more about the connection with the characters. I think is great for the season because it’s more about exploring and getting to know more about the actual characters and not just the quest or saving the world.Ivana_Baquero_Kode_Mag_5

Kode | That’s definitely something that I didn’t hear other shows really do so that’s really nice. So, of course I had to bring up Pan’s Labyrinth, huge fan by the way! So it’s been 10 years, how would you describe your navigation through the entertainment industry, and recently you were in a Spanish movie, Demonios Tu Ojos. What’s it like for you to go from the Spanish industry to American and doing both at the same time? How would you describe it?

Like you said it’s been 10 years. Obviously, I went from being a child in Pan’s Labyrinth to then a teenager and now an adult so you know things have changed a lot. I’ve grown more, and have done different things, tried different roles,  and learned a lot in the process.  It’s been really special for me, I feel like Pan’s Labyrinth opened a lot of doors and it was for sure before and after in my career. It’s pretty much going to like acting school Pan’s Labyrinth,  in 3 months I learned what people learned in 2 years going to class, so I’m super super grateful. I also feel very lucky that I get to work and you know Spain in Europe and now in the states with Shannara. Yeah it’s been definitely an amazing journey.

Kode | Do you prefer one or the other?

Well I mean, here [USA] there’s definitely more work and more money but I love working in both places in Spain and America because I find what I love in both Industries.

Kode | And what did you think about Demonios Tu Ojos? Did you like it?

 I did! I just, it’s just so embarrassing sometimes because I’m watching certain scenes, there’s no nudity or explicit scenes but the theme is controversial so to say the least.

Kode | Do you get a lot of interesting roles that are a bit maybe perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone?

I do get a lot of scripts in Spain but in the States I’m just getting started. My last project in the states was The New Daughter when I was 15. The rest of the time I was busy finishing up high school, so I focused a lot in Europe. I feel like Shannara is my real new start in the industry, that’s why we recently just moved a couple of months ago to LA. I’m totally open to different things for instance, I never done comedy.  It’s such a different kind of acting technique and completely different vibe that you need to be good at it. I feel like I have to train a little bit more for that but I’m super open to learning and trying out different types of project.

Kode | That would be exciting to see you in a comedy! Who would you love to work with?

I love and admire Jessica Chastain. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors.

Kode | Do you have any guilty pleasures anything you do to relax?

I love pasta and sushi.

 Kode | What kind of pasta?

 Just any kind like I come from the Mediterranean and Barcelona so we’re all about pasta and pizza and all that kind of food and I love to cook and that’s one of the things I love to do to help unwind is cooking!Ivana_Baquero_Kode_Mag_4

Kode | And for the new year are there any new trends that you’re looking forward to?

I’m always so spot-on because I love fashion. but honestly because I’ve been in New Zealand and gone for 6 months I don’t even know what’s going on in the world so I don’t know. Wasn’t velvet like a thing?

 Kode | Haha, yeah that was a thing.

 And chokers? Yeah I love chokers. But I think those are long gone now.

Kode | What are your staple pieces? What is one thing you can’t live without?

Lip balm. I love lip balm.

Kode | What brand?

Um, I do a lot of Carmex. It does the job!

Kode | What can we expect from you coming up next, besides Shannara Chronicles?

I actually wrapped Shannara 3 months ago and that was 6 months of shooting and it completely absorbed our lives. We’re not allowed to leave because it’s super intense so it’s been a ride and now we’re promoting and the Spanish movie too and I just moved to LA so I don’t have anything confirmed right now, pretty much just these two.


#KodeNext: Jaira Burns


Photo | Bridger Scott | @bridger

Creative + Fashion Direction | AllanTroy | @AllanTroy_

Asst. Fashion Editor | Niesa Gordon | @neececup_

Production Asst. | Gabriela Mershad | @mershykisses

Hair | Dustin Baker | @dustinnbakerr

Makeup | Josiah Cracraft | @thekidglitz

Graphic | Jeanette Chiu |

Interscope Records’ young pop savant, Jaira Burns, is the next one up. She takes us behind the scenes in the style of late night conversations.


Kode | This past year, you released your three singles “Ugly,” “Burn Slow,” and “High Rollin” (all we are obsessed with btw) all seem to really meld different genres together and not just rest particularly in pop. What would you say are some of your biggest inspirations genre wise when it comes to your music, can you really take us behind the creative process of making and picking a track?

My biggest inspirations genre wise stems from my love of urban music and my love of pop music. When I am in the process of creating a new record it usually starts with me explaining how I’m feeling that day in that very moment or whatever is on my mind at that time. Then I like to have the producer create a skeleton of the beat so that I can see how it makes me feel. After I catch the feeling of the beat I start to write, continue revising and writing for hours until we figure out exactly what we want the message of the record to be.

Kode | You have such an effortless and nonchalant ease in your approach vocally, who would you credit to really helping you find and hone in on your vocal stylings?

Well first of all thank you, it’s not as easy as it looks! There are definitely a couple people that I have to give credit to for helping me really find my voice. One being my mom, Ryan M Tedder (the man I’ve been working with since I was 13), and Travis Bruce. 

Kode | All your current tracks make some kind of awesome references to partacking in marijuana and you actually play a big part in the writing process. What inspires you to write music and do you have any particular formula?


Honestly, life in general inspires me to make music. We all have so many emotions and so many thoughts running through us. It is nice to have a place where you can write them down and let them go. Even if they are ugly thoughts, with music you can turn them into something beautiful.  A lot of the times my past problems and happiness come out in the writing process because it’s something that is relatable to my fans. We are all human and I find that talking about things you’ve been through or even want to go through can be very therapeutic. I want my fans to know that they aren’t alone in anything they go through.

Kode | You have been pretty consistent with the chill bop vibes of “Ugly,” “Burn Slow,” and “High Rollin.” What can Kode readers expect from the full ride of your first project?

What you can all expect from my first project is going to be along the same vibes as “Ugly,” “Burn Slow,” and “High Rollin.” Just as they all had different sounds and vibes, the project will be the same. Every song will give you a different feeling and each song will give the listener a piece of the things I’ve felt and have been through in my life. Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!!

Kode | Already, your fans include the likes of Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Parisian design house Balmain. How did you feel when your song “Ugly” was handpicked for the Beats by Dre x Balmain advertising spot featuring non other than Kylie Jenner?

I honestly didn’t know how to feel at first. I was so shocked and so taken back, like they really want me? My song? Jaira Burns? Did they get this right? 😂 But yes indeed, it was real and I couldn’t  be more thankful to even have been in the discussion, let alone the one they chose!! It was definitely unexpected, that’s for sure!

Kode | Speaking of fashion, what is your relationship with it? How would you describe your overall style and do you have any current favorite brands?


My relationship with fashion has definitely started to grow pretty big these past couple of years, seeing as though when I was younger all I would wear was hollister! My style now, I would describe as urban, grunge, glam extravaganza. I never wake up wanting to wear the same things I did the day before, just like my music it all depends on my mood that day. Some of my favorite brands right now are OBVIOUSLY Balmain. How can you not love those clothes? I love stores like Pretty Little Things and Forever 21, but my all-time favorite place to get clothes is the thrift store. One of a kind no matter what you get, and you can always alter it to your body shape. 😌

Kode | Now everyone from music to movies to television are diversifying their brands in many ways and stepping into multiple categorical ventures from fashion to technology and of course fashion. What other things are you into, what can we expect from you and the Jiara Burns brand as you grow?

Well you can expect to see me in movies one day for sure, acting was the first thing I started when I was about 10 years old. Hair products will definitely be a thing for my brand soon, my own clothing line, perfume line, and much more is to come! 

Kode | Obviously with social media such a major part of the pop cultural zeitgeist and everyone sharing so much of themselves, what are things you share publicialy and what exactly would you like your fan base to know about you?

I really like to show people every aspect I can of myself without getting too personal. It’s important for me to show my fans who I am right now, but to also show them how I got to be this person. There was a massive struggle and lots of hard work and tears to get here.  As fans continue to get to know the Jaira Burns of today, I will continue to open up and tell them all about who Jaira Burns used to be and how I got to be where I am now. I want my fan base to know this thing called life isn’t easy but it’s what we make it and we are all in this together.    Kode_Mag_Jaira_Burns_3

Kode | I’m sure it couldn’t have been easy trying to get your break in the music industry and having such a successful and supportive label like Interscope behind you is amazing. What advice would you give to your younger self and can you walk us through your process of getting your record deal?

 Some advice I would give to my younger self would be, “Get your shit together.” Haha but honestly as kids we don’t think about the future as much, we only think about the present. But if I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her to stop making excuses and work harder. I have been working with my producer Ryan M Tedder since I was 13 years old. We worked so hard trying to find my sound and my look, bouncing from basement to a tiny bedroom trying to make music. We constantly tried new things to see what worked and what didn’t. Finally we made a body of work, about 4 songs and it was the closest we had ever gotten to my sound. I had just turned 18 when Ryan left Pittsburgh for an opportunity in California.

I was in PA without the only person I trusted to work with, who knew me well enough to musically create what I wanted. At that moment, I knew I had to get to California. He lived in California for about six months before I finally gave him a call and told him that I was moving there because I needed to be making music. It was funny too because he didn’t believe me when I first said I was moving here! But it was real. The first week I was here, we were pretty much in the studio all day every day and we ended up with a small body of work. The first week of me being in Cali, I had my first meeting with a major label. That was a super amazing and eye opening experience. While we were considering that option, Ryan’s business partner, Darius Ingram who is Vice President of Upscale Music Group, had a connection at Interscope Records. They sent over the five songs that we created and after a few conversations, I was signing my contract with Interscope Records.

Now the blue hair is fast becoming a very recognizable trait for you. What made you choose blue, is it your favorite color? Also do you dye it yourself? If so what brand do you use?

When I was young, my mom never let me dye my hair or really do anything to it for that matter. Now, looking back, I probably would have done the same thing if that was my daughter with the hair I had lol. In PA I would always ask hair stylists if they could color my hair blue and EVERYTIME I got the same answer, “I’m just going to kill your hair, it’s just going to fry right off if I do that.” So the second I got to California and everyone was saying they could do it, I was like I’m doing it. Blue is my absolute favorite color, it always has been since I was a little girl. What better color to have on your head than your favorite one!! I do NOT dye my own hair! I don’t think I could achieve this look myself if I wanted to! 😂 It is actually very time consuming and quite tedious to keep up with! Kode_Mag_Jaira_Burns_6

Kode | You are actually from Vandergrift, Pittsburgh, USA but have been in Los Angeles for some time now. How would you compare it to the two and what do you like most about both places?

Hmmm…. I don’t know if I can really compare them in anyway. Pittsburgh is a small city that is all about family living. There’s lots of hard working people surrounded by small towns where everybody knows everybody’s business. One thing I love about Pittsburgh is all of the seasons. Spring and fall were always so beautiful to me. The people in Pittsburgh also have a friendlier side when it comes to strangers. When you see someone walking down the street, you wave, ask how they are doing and have small conversation. That’s not weird. However, Los Angeles is one of my favorite places to live seeing that I don’t have to be in the cold winter anymore!! Lol I love Los Angeles so much because of how free we are able to be here. We can pretty much make money doing whatever we love and it is so culturally diverse. Which gives you an opportunity to learn about other human beings and their traditions. Each day is different in LA. It is BEAUTIFUL!! 

Kode | The one thing 2017 was good for is that it brought out some great music including yourself. Who are some of the other new and current artists you are listening to and do you have any Grammy favorites?

Ahh thank you! Some of my favorite current artists are Khalid, Billie Eilish, Rihanna is my fav of all time, and I’m obsessed with Migos.

Well we are definitely expecting amazing things from you, what’s the last thing you’d love to leave with the Kode readers?

Be thankful. You may not have everything you’ve ever wanted right now but you have every tool to get there. Remember what you do have and how hard you had to work to have those things. Be kind, love your friends and your family. Reinforce to yourself that you are amazing and good enough. You don’t need permission to be you. 💙 And lastly, I love you guys so much.  -Jairbear


#KodeNext: Megan Pormer


Middle Eastern beauty and medical engineering expert Megan Pormer sits down with Kode Mag to dish on how she has kept up with the Kardashians, her international work in genetics, her mission and herself.


Photo | Rowan Daly | @rowan_daly

Creative + Fashion Direction | AllanTroy | @Allantroy_

Fashion Editor | Jazmin Whitley | @jazminwhitley

Hair | Tokyo Stylez | @tokyostylez

Makeup | Sherri Celis | @sherricelis

Associate Designer | Jeanette Chiu |

Associate Editor | Saffana Hijaz | @saffanahijaz

Kode | Besides acting you have a PhD in Medical Engineering and have been involved in many fields of science and health, what do you hope to accomplish and what health advice do you have to share?

Health is our most important asset!  So, being proactive about our well beings should always be a priority. I would like to take such good care of my body that my biological age is a lot younger than my chronological age. My health advice for everyone is to be fully aware that their genetics are as unique as their fingerprint so you need to get the right advice to map a CUSTOMIZED plan for their health. Like everything else you need a roadmap for your health plan, so I say take a DNA test and understand the unique genes you are born with. With that knowledge you can plan a preventative road map and have targets on your physical bucket list. You need to have a deadlines; a deadline to reach your maximum physical flexibility, a deadline to make sure your vitamin D level is normal and so much more.

Kode | Now, about your acting career, each film you’ve starred in is impactful and has a message behind the character. When choosing a film or television role, what do you look for?

 I look for my hero in the character. No matter the circumstances in her life, I want her to fight till the end the best way she can. I look for my role model in every character who I want to become. This gives me a chance to live the ideal-me through the character.

Kode | You mentioned you are half Turkish and half Persian. Did your own background push you to study genetic testing?

Being raised by two parents from two different cultures and living in 8 different countries, opened my eyes on how unique every culture and every individual is. I remember watching Middle Easterners and all the rice they eat and comparing them to Americans and thinking about how I can see same patterns in terms of health and well being within every culture. I watched how unique every individual from each country is and also how similar they are. That got me interested to really understand people gene-by-gene.

Kode | You talked on the Kris Fade Show back in September about trying to expand genetic testing and expanding with companies in Dubai. How is your work in that going?

AMAZING!! I am now a brand ambassador for some amazing DNA testing companies in Dubai. So, this is allowing me to bring the best technology in America to every person in the Middle East.

Kode | You traveled a lot this year back and forth from Dubai to Los Angeles. Can you talk about the work you’ve been doing in Dubai?

I am taking the best of America to Dubai. A huge part of my heart and childhood memories with my family are laid in the heart of the Middle East. Due to my network in Hollywood and Silicon Valley I’m on a mission to take the best innovative products and services from California to Dubai and across the Middle East. 


Kode | You have been instrumental in bringing some of the biggest names in the world to Dubai, from Logan Paul to Kim Kardashian and even some of the most talented hair and makeup artists around. Can you let us in on a little bit of the work you do with these celebrities and how that impacts your brand?

I have built a very good network of friends in Hollywood and due to my relationships with some of the biggest stars and influencers I have connected the dots between Dubai and Hollywood and have hosted some of the biggest events in Dubai. In 2018 I’m bringing the best health and beauty experts to Dubai. So watch out, I’m shortlisting right now!

 Kode | The UAE is one of the world’s swiftest emerging countries when it comes to fashion, architecture, and technology what part do you want to play in the build up to Dubai Expo 2020?

In 2018 I will be the celebrity spokesperson for Dubai.TV a Los Angeles based media outlet that will raise awareness among celebrities, about all thing Dubai Expo 2020. Over the next 24 months, I’ll be traveling across the United States and Europe attending and covering major events as a celebrity correspondent and interviewing the biggest celebrities and social media influencers. I will create global awareness for the build up to the Expo 2020. Dubai.TV will have access to cover 7,000 events from charity balls to fashion and beauty events, movie premieres, award shows, exclusive parties, red carpet events and beyond.

Kode | You mentioned that your mother is from the late royal family of Iran. What was it like growing up and what pushed you to be the woman that you are today?

Let’s say that since I remember myself at the age of 2, I had to wear a sleeping gown and a robe to sleep and NEVER pajamas! I was privileged that at the age of 5, I was chosen as a United Nation ambassador for children’s rights which opened my eyes to all the struggles that many children around the world are dealing with. I had to grow up very fast and was always encouraged to act as an adult. So, in a sense I feel like I didn’t get a chance to be a kid. I have to admit that I had a dream life until my dad was taken away from me which made my family lose everything we owned as well as our social life in Iran. So, I have experienced how it feels to have it all and losing it all overnight. I had to learn how to claw my way back up and create the same life for myself that once my dad has created for me but I had to start from zero. I had to jump a few years at school because my family wants me to break a record and go to university at the age of 16, which I did.

Kode | You have worked on Keeping Up With the Kardashians through your medical background. What was that experience like and what is something you want people to remember you for?

Raising awareness about DNA testing for cancer and disease prevention, gave me an opportunity to meet the BIGGEST Hollywood’s actors, royalty, and politicians around the world. This access showed me ONE major thing: No matter how rich and famous you are HEALTH IS EVERYTHING. I want to be remembered as the voice of health and make a difference in people’s life by raising awareness to BEING PROACTIVE when it comes to your health. I also want to be remembered as the first Hollywood actress who makes Iranian people mainstream actors in Hollywood blockbusters.


Kode | You have modeled and acted, what helps you put your best foot forward? What makes you feel sexy and feel your healthiest?

First, being in good physical shape, being well-rested, and having a good range of physical flexibility and balance are the main factors in terms of my performance. Also, being in love with the character, finding her strengths and being emotionally stimulated by her passions is what helps me put my best foot forward when it comes to acting.

Kode | Who are you biggest inspirations?

Angelina Jolie because there is NO good cause in the world that she is not involved with; raising awareness about DNA testing for breast and ovarian cancer, adopting children in need, helping refugees, being an ambassador for the United Nations, helping the poor… Wait, isn’t that the definition of a saint?


Kode | When it comes to your sense of fashion what do you feel speaks most to you and who you are as a young woman?

My mother had ALWAYS put me in smart outfits and to this day she encourages me to make an effort show people that I respect them by dressing nice, so, with that being said I like to wear gowns and formal dresses. My inspirations are Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, and Queen Rania of Jordan. Whenever I hit the red carpet I always like to mix the best from east and west so I can represent the Middle East with a touch of west!

Kode | What do you love most about the world of fashion?

I think fashion is one of the strongest ways of expressing emotions, beliefs, and culture. It silently speaks a world.

 Kode | You have a dual background in being Turkish and Persian, how has does that play into your view of the world?

Having a dual background showed me how culture can affect your view of life, your perception, your feeling and how you express yourself. It taught me how people that are born in this world and have gone through revolutions grow up faster and are more self-aware. I learned that what makes one person happy can make another person upset. So when I deal with people, I always customize my approach depending on their culture and background.

Megan_Pormer_Kode_Mag_1Kode | On your Instagram you posted a video of you teaching YouTube star Logan Paul a little bit of Arabic for his trip to Dubai. Do you enjoy teaching others about your culture and where you come from?

I LOVE IT! It was one of the happiest moments of my life when I realized how many Middle Eastern children I made happy by having their American idol speak their language. As I said, I am going to bring the best of the west to the east.

 Kode | You’re pretty well versed in the LA scene what are some of your favorite hot spots and frequent eateries?

 My morning ritual is Kreation Juice Bar and my favorite spots are Nobu, Malibu and Soho House, Malibu. I love Sunday brunches at Soho House in Malibu. I love the ocean so Malibu is my favorite spot!

Kode | Finally what’s next for Megan Pormer?

Starting a business of bringing the top players in the world of health and beauty to the Middle East and continuing my mission to become the first actress to put Iran on the map in Hollywood!