What You Missed at Society FW

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Written by: Jeanette Chiu

On March 10th-11th, the Grand Sheraton Hotel was swarmed with influencers, press, media, photographers, fashion designer, models, and staff as they prepped for the Society Fashion Show, a touring fashion show cross-country that boasts of its high energy and innovative style. Society gave a quick preview of its starting show around Saturday afternoon of what’s to expect for their evening show. And these talented emerging fashion designers should not be underestimated. Lisa Lo kicks off the preview on a floral and fresh note with dresses not shy of tulle. Up next, Rene Dieu paints the runway in colorful textile with inspiration from around the world. Armor and Arrows change the tone to streetwear with bohemian influences and comfort in silky satin jumpsuits, mesh floral tops, and edgy basics for easy mix-and-match assemblage.

Above- Featured Collection : Armor & Arrows

Cranking up the heat, Alani Taylor sends down a collection of full on glam in red, black, and white, with red carpet ready vibes. Autumn Club with a collection chalked full of statement pieces for women and men with a play on colors and shapes. If anything, these looks convert nostalgic 90’s streetwear into a bold and artfully modern way with pattern and color blocking.

Above-Featured Collection: Autumn Club
Using the patchwork trend as a transition, Just10H closes the first show and gives the word patchwork a whole ‘nother meaning. This collection shows its creativity in turning different patterns and what looks like leftover fabrics into stunning day-to-night outfits.
Above and left-Featured Collection: Jus10H
Dialing the energy up, the evening show with designers :Will Franco, Siara Ambrosia, D’Lora Moda, Le Cattleya, Ron Tomson, Astonishing Apparel, Janelle Funari, Shalaja Swimwear, and Deviant La Vie give truth to Society’s claim of a high-energy and collaboration of new industry members. The beginning was interrupted by a slight blackout in the middle of the opening performance. While it took quite some time to get the momentum of the show back in play, it didn’t discourage the excitement of the audience, including the crowd standing in the back. Will Franco and Astonishing Apparel graced the runway in jewel-toned dresses filled with holographic sequins, satin, and feathers.
But it’s possible D’Lora Moda’s collection stole the audience’s attention for a moment with the adorable children modeling in suits and princess gowns.
Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.22.14 PM
(Left) Featured Collection: D’Lora Moda
Ron Tomson gave the crowd instant flashbacks to their school days with their interesting mix of casual attire with subtle skater boy influences. After the final walk, the audience erupted with cheers as a rogue model headed back to the runway and did another walk and strut his stuff one more time.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 7.22.21 PM

Then we were transported to a tropical getaway with collections from Le Cattleya and Shalaja Swimwear. The first model of Shalaja Swimwear commanded everyone in the ballroom as she lip-synched to the audio. Colorful prints and edgy cutout swimwear from Shalaja and sheer kaftans and flowy dresses from Le Cattleya gave an impression of summer on a rainy day in Los Angeles.
In addition,  Siara Ambrosia showcased a collection for the charming Californian girl and Janelle Funari gymnastic their way down the runway with flexible models showing off their athletic wear. From preppy-attired models walking down cute dogs to closing the collection with a wedding gown, Janelle Funari is your all occasion designer.
Above-Featured Collection: Janelle Funari New York
Perhaps the most explosive collection is Deviant La Vie. To launch the start of their collection, two male models performed a fight then posed on both sides of the runway while the entire room is anxiously waiting for what’s about to happen next. The first model appeared and the crowd roars in shock. Sporting a Chinese farmer hat, black thigh high boots, and as Brittany the designer of Deviant La Vie describes it, “exotic rope lingerie”, it’s safe to say no one was ready for this collection.
(Above) Featured Collection: Deviant La Vie
Only at the Society Fashion Show do you truly see it all and with these talented emerging designers debuting their first collection or showing their best version yet, one can only wonder what’s next.
If you missed their show in Los Angeles, catch their next one in Miami. Special thanks to Society Fashion Show.

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