An Exclusive Interview with 16 year old, Chlo Subia

Written by Kimberly Saldana

chlo subiaTo be sixteen and have a successful musical career already established is something, Chlo Subia can be proud of by the time she graduates from high school. I sat down with Chlo earlier this month to discuss the release of her latest single, 5 Minutes.

 Continuing her style of music, Chlo has released a song relatable to all. Just like Wrong Side of Love and For the Love, this new track has to do with relationships. However, it’s not your run of the mill girl gets heartbroken song or “i hate him”, but rather it focuses more on another kind of relationship — a friendship. Just like other singers of the time and many before her, heartbreaks are the go-to inspiration for a new release. Chlo wanted to do something a little different. Something a little underrated in this day in age for the music industry. As told by Chlo, friendships, especially one from a best friend, hurts just as much as when a boy breaks  your heart. Growing up girls and boys can simultaneously understand the emotional rollercoaster when someone close to you leaves you. Whether it’s from a fight or them simply just letting  you fade out of their life, not having that friend you shared your life with is something painful.

 Written way before the release date, 5 Minutes, encompasses the loss of Chlo’s best friend. The most amazing thing about this young singer, is that she also writes her own songs. She expresses how beneficial it is to have the ability to compose a lyric out of her thoughts. She can explicitly identify with her audience through authentic emotions by becoming a transparent singer on stage and off the stage.

 What can we expect for Chlo next? Well, she’s currently in the works on music that’s more acoustic and ballad-like. This is something completely different for the singer, but not new to her. Growing up, she performed in live theatre and she can surprise us all with her talented voice. In the next few months, we can’t wait to see what this young star will do to revolutionize music.


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