#KodeNext: Ryan Destiny


From Fox’s hit show “Star”, Ryan Destiny lets us in on what it’s like being one of the most gorgeous girls in the world and why she loves a good harmony.

Photographed by Nikko Lamere with creative and fashion direction by Allantroy and styling by Scot Louie in H+MErin FetherstonSandra Daccache, and more. Hair by César Ramiréz and Makeup by Alexx Mayo.


Kode | You come from a musical background as your father was in an R&B group himself, was music a big part of your life growing up and when did you decide that you wanted a career in in the industry?

Ryan | It always has been, yes. My dad had me around the studio before I even knew what it was. I knew at around 7 I wanted to be a singer. Then at around 12 I knew I wanted that and then some.

Kode | You have a long track record of being associated with girl groups from age 12 to now. What do you love most about being the member of a group?

Ryan | Yeah, I’m not in an actual one anymore BUT one of my favorite things was literally the music. Harmonizing is what made me fall in love with it all. Accomplishing a harmony with 3 or more people legit gave me goosebumps always.

Kode | Your last group Love Dollhouse was beginning to make a name for itself, why did you guys choose to part ways?

Ryan | We knew it was time. Gut feeling. It had been a different variation of the group a solid 5 times. So 2 months before “Star” was even heard about, we made the hard decision.

Kode | Who are some of your biggest inspirations and why?

Ryan | My parents. They’re just boss. Michael Jackson because he is the only one of his kind. Freddie Mercury, Prince. They’re untouchable performers.  Aaliyah because she did it all. Pharrell for killing fashion and music effortlessly. Oprah for being Oprah. Every black actress I’ve watched growing up. I could go on.

Kode | You definitely seem to have a flare for fashion, can you let us in on your process and how you would describe your aesthetic?

Ryan | I usually get inspired by a piece or pair of shoes I bought and build off of that. I’m a laid back clean cut person yet still eclectic.

Kode | Lee Daniels hit show Star has definitely been your breakout role, what did you do to prepare to take on the Character of Alex and what’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Ryan | I had to use my imagination with Alex and almost go off of people I hadn’t even met before. The biggest challenge was finding out who exactly she was and putting whatever similarities we both had into her organically.

Kode | On the show your parents are played by two legends Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell what was it like working with two industry heavyweights and did they offer you any advice?

Ryan | They’ve been super humble since I met both of them. Naomi gives me advice on anything.. she just oozes experience in life. Haha! Very mother-like. Lenny is casually one of the nicest rockstars ever. Every time you talk-he listens. It’s refreshing to have people like them around. Best parent friends ever;)

Kode | Lenny’s real life Daughter Zoe Kravitz is also a musician and actress, have you guys met and if so what was that like?

Ryan | We have met, it was recently and pretty brief. She’s a chill person and just as striking in person.

Kode | Lee Daniels has created numerous successful shows, did you feel any pressure going into the filming of “star”?

Ryan | A lot. With the success of Empire, it was a lot to live up to. We’re here though! Getting renewed felt like “Yes, we did it!”

Kode | Can you give us any spoilers for the second season of Star?

Ryan | All I can say is that you’ll get really happy and really sad all in the first episode.. lol

Kode | What can we expect from you upcoming on the music front?

Ryan | My EP release! It’s the introduction to me. I’m too pumped about sharing it with people that ride super hard.

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