#KodeNow: Bella Thorne


“Famous In Love’s” Bella Thorne opens up to Kode about family, love, sexuality, and what’s next for the blossoming star.


Photos By Bradford Rogne, Creative Direction and Styling by AllanTroy, Hair by Aviva Perea  and Makeup By Ashleigh Louer with Retouching by Felipe Menezes.

Kode | All three of your siblings are in the industry.  How is having that support system?  Do you ever go to them for advice and vice versa?

 Bella | Well, my brother and half sister don’t act. And my other sister Dani, doesn’t act either but she is a DJ so I do go to her for advice in just overall life and career wise too…she does have a good head on her shoulder’s and good at giving motherly advise.

Kode | You’re very active on social media and have a huge following.  How do you decide which aspects of your life to disclose and what to keep private?

Bella | I am still finding my way around all of that. I just kind of see what makes me comfortable I guess and to not care about anyones opinion.

Kode |  You recently came out as bisexual.  What prompted that decision and was there anyone special that was instrumental in coming to terms with that?  When did you finally decide it was time to go public with it?

Bella | I didn’t even realize the huge choice I was making when I came out the way that I did. I just wanted to come out as simple as that but it ended up becoming a way bigger deal than I had thought.

Kode | Do you think that representation of LGBTQ celebrities has an impact on queer youth?

Bella | Yeah, I mean people in the spotlight that make positive stances on the LGBTQ community definitely makes a positive impact. People that have a platform to spread positivity are able to reach larger audiences that it is okay to be young and be out.

Bella’s new show “Famous in Love” Trailer.

Kode | You take a lot of risks with your fashion choices and hair color.  What influences your style?  Are these changes premeditated or made in the spur of the moment?

Bella | They are pretty much in the spur of the moment, what I am going to wear or what color my hair is, just kind of happens. If I want to do something I’m just going to go fucking do it.

Kode | When you aren’t on set what is your favorite way to unwind?

Bella | Watching Netflix with my besties.

Kode | What is your dream career aside from acting?

Bella | I am writing a series currently that I hope to eventually sell to HBO. I also am very interested in directing. Those are the two things I am very passionate about pursuing.

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